alcuin_stevenson-000 alcuin_stevenson-001LHCII is the most abundant membrane protein on earth. It participates in the first steps of photosynthesis by harvesting sunlight and transferring excitation energy to the core complex.

Light-harvesting complex II
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A Hacker’s Haunting Vision Of A Reality Within Illusion

April 17, 1999


Alcuin Stevenson-2971 Alcuin Stevenson-0022 Alcuin-Stevenson-7076A simple graphic consisting of 73 rows of 23 “bits” per row. This number of rows and columns was chosen because each is a prime number. Prime numbers could be easily guessed by any recipients, and that would help them to decode the graphic. The message was sent by simple shifting of the signal between two frequencies in the 2,380 MHz band. It took three minutes to send the message.

The message itself gives the kind of information that any culture would want to learn about us: where we are located (at least within our solar system), what we look like (a crude stick figure), a simple drawing of the telescope used to send the message, and something about our biological construction (DNA and some of the building blocks of our biochemistry.) This message was sent as a “demonstration” to commemorate the upgrading of the 1,000 foot diameter Arecibo telescope with a new, more accurate reflector surface.


Alcuin Stevenson-0991 Alcuin Stevenson-1712Alcuin-Stevenson-6786 Alcuin-Stevenson-6600It is a fact that human beings, and other living creatures, move in continuous curves. Any change in direction creates a sharp or gradual curve in pedestrian movement. A building ought to accommodate our natural pedestrian behavior through space. Most buildings assume human beings move in rectilinear severity like disciplined military cadets. In fact, first year military cadets are often forced to walk in just such a fashion as a way of manipulating and breaking down their psyches. Now what does living and working in such rectilinear environments do to our emotional/psychological being? If our own environments do not enhance our natural propensities then of what benefit are they? If our environments are detrimental to our well-being then should we not find ways to defy this odious practice?

E u g e n e T s u i
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Kaiheitai Futenma Kōkū Kichi
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an opportune –
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